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MBO (University)
Multi Media Design (MMD),
(4 year College in 2 years
and 3 months).
Graduated - MMD Degree

MBO (University)
Graphically Technique (DTP).
Graduated - DTP Degree

MBO (University) SPW
Social Pedagogical Work.
(Social - Creative Director).


MAVO (Upper Schooling)
Electrical engineering with:
Dutch, German, English,
math’s, physics, chemistry,

electrical engineering.


Work Experience

Since July 2009:

Graphic Designer at

AvH Graphics, self employed.

Since January 2008:

Freelance Graphic Designer.

April 2007 - January 2008: SoyClean, Brooklyn IA.
Work: Graphic Design, general office and warehousing.

December 2006:
Emigrated from The Netherlands to Iowa USA.
Starting Hartman Dairy LLC.
Work: Graphic Design, computer, bookkeeping
and dairy assistant.

January - July 2006:
Rapitext B.V., The Netherlands.

Work: Graphic Design and general sign production.

August 2004 - January 2005: Forest Media, The Netherlands.
Trained in: Multi Media Design and Editing video.

September 2002 - June 2003: Stebis B.V., The Netherlands.
Trained in: Graphic Design/DTP

February 2002 - July 2002: Maseland Grafische Vormgeving, The Netherlands.
Trained in: Graphic Design/DTP

February 2001 - July 2001: KovoKs, The Netherlands.
Trained in: Graphic Design for Web Design.

Software Experience

• CorelDraw
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Premiere
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Indesign
• Macromedia Director
• Microsoft Office (Excel,
  Publisher, Powerpoint
  and Word)